Sell Vamatex Brand Textile Machine-Second Hand

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This type of textile machines is one of the excellent weaving machines which are made in Italia. and those machines are producted in 1992. Until now, the appearance are still look like new. The production rate is fast. We want to sell 8 Vamatex Textile machine. And it can product many kind of Dobby fabrics
- Dobby fabric

-Indigo dyed jacquard fabric

-Fancy items

-Y/D brushed bulky acrylic jacquard fabric

- Heavy chambray fabric
- Bengaline jacquard fabric

-Indigo chambray fabric
- Blended or crossed weave fabric
such as and those eight machines belong to Rapier loom. The Heald Frame is 20. The width is 190cm.
The style number is C401S.