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Product: Vanadium Nitrogen Alloy
Chemistry component: V>=75%; N: 10.0-18.0% ; C<=9.0%; Si<=0.45%; AL<=0.20%; Mn<=0.05%; S<=0.10% ; P<=0.06%
Parking: in 50Kg iron drums lined with plastic bags
Usage: a new additives, can take place of Vanadium as a steel additive
Our company professionally manufactures rare earth oxides, rare earth metals, RE alloys, cobalt, and Vanadium, such as Lanthanum oxide, Europium oxide, Dysprosium oxide, Neodymium metal, Dysprosium metal, Terbium metal, Pr- Nd alloy, Gd-Fe alloy, Dy-Fe alloy, cobalt oxide, cobalt oxalate, cobalt carbonate, and Vanadic oxide, Vanadium iron, Ammonium Vanadate, Vanadium-Nitrogen alloy, Vanadium-Aluminum alloy, Vanadium clinker and we also devoted to international trading of products above.
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