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The importance of continuously variable voltage in Electrical Engg. Works cannot be overemphasised, We' modern'are made to make such continuously variable voltage most easily available.
The intrinsic quality control check-ups under the supervision of highly experienced engineers ensures the ruggedness and reliability of operation
VARISTAT continuously variable Auto Transformers have many operating advantages and conveniences over other manually operated voltage control devices for alternating current use
1) Smooth Control: The VARISTAT can be set to any output voltage within its range. Output voltage is continuously adjustable from zero to maximum.
2) Small Size: The variable Auto Transformers is much smaller than any other type of control of equal rating.
3) Better Efficiency: Very low losses under all loud conditions. Toroidal VARISTAT have low-loss grain oriented strip wound cores.
4) Better Regulation: Output voltage is substantially independent of loud.
5) Linear Output Volts: Output Voltage varies linearly with angle of rotation of control knob.
6) Temperature rise: Less than 50 deg. C for continuous duty.
7) Advanced Design: Excellent electrical specification is matched by rugged, compact construction. Brush replacement is simple and convenient. Two, Three or more units can be ganged on one shaft for series, parallel or three-phase operation.
8) Long Life: When used correctly the VARISTAT has a very long operating life. The life of a VARISTAT is essentially the same as that of any standard fixed ratio power transformer.
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