Sell Various Voltage Battery Regenerator/Enhance/Recycle/Charger/Maintain

Various Voltage Battery Regenerator/Enhance/Recycle/Charger/Maintain You May Also Be Interested In: battery for car metal button
This battery regenerator can make even waste battery regenerated by means of new charging and maintaining technology. This product is environment-friendly because it can reduce the number of waste battery.

Functions and Purpose:
* Working by the power of battery itself. Automatically clean the electrode board to keep the electrode updated always. Last for the life of the battery for years.
* Keep fulling the battery power(can let the electric bike keep same running distance always)
* Shorter the time for battery charging.
* Prevent the car battery frozen in the freezing days(car can start easily in winter) .
* Can check the status of the battery by touching the metal button on the regenerator surface as below:
Red indicator: Show power shortage, maybe battery damaged.
Yellow indicator: Show power not enough, pls pay attention.
Green indicator: Show power normal.

Application field: Suitable for any battery of car, autobike, eletric bike, communication station or UPS and so on.

Product size: 100mm x 68mm x 25mm
Model type: 6V, 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V
Input standard: down-lead, round pin and flat pin