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French fries are often purchased as part fried and deep frozen products. Palm oil, with its moderate linoelic acid content and high level of natural antioxidants, is suitable for direct use in most frying applications, and frying is a major use of palm oil worldwide. Oils containing significant levels of linoelic acid are not recommended for frying, unless they have been hydrogenated to reduce the content of these labile components. Palm oil resists oxidation and rancidity, which means products made using palm oil have extended shelf lives

Unlike other vegetable fats, palm oil is free from cholesterol. As palm oil is solid at room temperature, hydrogenation is not required , a technique which hardens liquid oil but resulting in adding trans fatty acids in the process. Studies proves that palm oil does not ordinarily raise blood cholesterol levels, and is helpful lower harmful LDL-cholesterol. Palm-oil enriched diet helps in putting blood clots away. Unrefined palm olein (red colour) is a source of carotenoids which is a cancer inhibitor and beta-carotene.