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The U-PROTEK Battery Checker uses a clever technology to monitor the status of the vehicle battery and alternator. It is used to analyze the working condition of the vehicle battery and alternator and display the result of its analysis using LEDs as indicators. It is an ideal tool for preventive maintenance for any driver to check the condition of the vehicle battery especially before embarking on a long journey to avoid vehicle breakdown along the journey. The tool will indicate whether the vehicle battery and charging system is in good working order or otherwise. The product is portable in design, is simple to operate and does not require any installation or opening of the bonnet of the vehicle.

The U-PROTEK Battery Checker can analyze and report on the following detection scope:
> Battery terminal contact problem caused by oxidation
> Battery terminal contact problem caused by loose terminal
> Battery plate deterioration
> Battery electrolyte level
> Battery remaining cranking current
> Battery remaining life
> Battery charge level

> Alternator under power due to belt loose
> Alternator under power due to rectifier error
> Alternator under power due to regulator malfunction
> Alternator over power due to regulator malfunction

When you use the U-PROTEK Battery Checker to monitor your vehicle, you can be assured that the result is accurate. It is a good preventive maintenance tool that can provide you with the peace of mind and save you from unexpected stressful hassles. It will prolong the vehicle battery life and save you money over unplanned or emergency maintenance. The U-PROTEK Battery Checker is provided with a 3 years warranty against manufacturing defects.

Most other battery checkers or testers will measure voltage alone as the main criteria to determine the condition of the battery. However this is not accurate as a faulty battery may still carry sufficient voltage. The U-PROTEK Battery Checker measures voltage and the remaining cranking current to assess and determine the true condition of the battery (in addition to the other detection scope stated above) . It will also check the vehicle charging system (alternator) in addition to the battery as it is related to the vehicle electrical system. A worldwide patent has been filed on this invention and this innovation has also been recognized nationally and internationally with the following awards:
> Gold Medal at 2000 International Invention, Innovation, Industrial Design & Technology Exhibition in Malaysia
> Silver Medal at 2001 29th International Exhibition of Inventions, New Techniques and Products in Geneva, Switzerland

Brand Name
Supply Capacity
5000 units per month
Available Colors
Condition of Goods
3.6 x 2 x 0.9
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
45 days
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
500 units
Power Requirements
12Volt DC Battery
Terms of Payment
Terms of Sale
FOB Kuala Lumpur
Warranty Coverage
1 year against manufacturing defects