Sell Vehicle Decontamination System

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Product Description
This equipment is adopt the theory of photoelectricity, it can be fully automatic control the disfection of vehicle.

Product Feature
1. The unit has two control mode: By manual control or automatic control system.

2. It can be fully automatic control, with out the operator's accompany, high-work-effiency.

3. Adopts the special stainless steel to making the nozzle, resistant from corrosive, longer lifespan.

4. Applying for LV spraying, diameter of fog droplet is under 100 micron, thoroughly eliminate the virus.

5. Spraying by strong wind, form the convenience air stream, the solution can reach to any surface of the vehicle.

6. The spraying angle, the channel's width, the prepare time, and the spraying time is adjustable for disinfection.

7. Adopting the stainless steel to making the unit, top rank quality.

8. The unit can be install or disassemble quickly, the mainframe of the unit equipped with truckles, ease of moving.

Product Specification/Models
1. Power supply: 380V(220V is selectable)

2. Power: 2.2KWx2

3. Nozzle number: 24

4. Spraying Capacity: 300L/H

5. Spraying range: L>6m, W>6m, H>3m

6. Setting size: 5600x5220x2782mm

We could make special disinfection channel of vehicle according to our customer's requirements, such as different power, nozzle number and spraying direction.

This equippment is designed for used for following field, such as customs, air-pot, depot, harbour, in order to disinfection and sterilization the virus of the vehicle, live stock, and poultry, in such places.