Sell Vehicle Protection Cushion/System TPS-1(A)

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The car safeguard system is a Microprocessor Long Distance Intelligent Security Alarm System with electric shock function that can ensure the car not apt to be lost and can safeguard owner while gangster is robbing. At any time it can warn to the owner any conditions to caution him to raise vigilance. At emergency the owner can remote the system to electrically shock the gangsters. This system has Anti-Theft, Anti-Robbery, Electric Shock, Remote control central door and Intelligent indication functions. Thereby it can be widely used for urban taxis and multifarious cars.

Main technical specifications:
Safeguard functions such as Anti-Theft, Anti-Robbery
The Anti-Theft function with Alarm sound and light flash
The Anti-Robbery function with Alarm sound and high voltage electric shock
At emergency high voltage electric shock directly
Electric shock high-voltage pulse power supply >50KV
Alarm sound level >90dB
Remote-controlling in a long distance, preventing copying and electronic scanning
Automatic warning-resuming, preventing wrong operation and bumping accidentally
Automatically remote controlling central door lock
Environment protection, automatically identification and warning
Locking after brake to avoid loss from leaving car door unlocked
Super strong quakeproof and modularization, safe and easy operation
Power supply 12V battery

Facility combination:
The Base Unit 1pc
The Shocking Cushion 1set
Electronic Horn 1pc
Shock Sensor 1pc
Shocking button 1pc
The Relay 1pc
Remote controller 2pc
The connect wires 1set
Application manual 1set