Sell Vehicle Protection Cushion/System TPS-4(A)

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1. Introduction:
TPS-4 Taxi's Shocking Cushion a more easy to install and lower-cost solution for urban taxi Anti-Robbery and Anti- violence, it can be installed on the rear seat of the Taxi directly without control unit. At emergency can electric shock directly by pressing shocking button and protect the car and its drivers from robbery and violence.
Thereby it can be widely used for urban taxis and multifarious cars.

2. Main technical specifications:
The Anti-Robbery function with high voltage electric shock
At emergency high voltage electric shock directly
Electric shock high-voltage pulse power supply>50KV
Power supply 12V battery

3. Facility combination:
The Shocking Cushion 1set
Shocking button 1pc
The Relay 1pc
The connect wires 1set
Application manual 1set

4. Basic Function
At emergency, press shocking button, the high-voltage electric shock will be started, on the whole surface of the Shocking Cushion and backrest generate high-voltage pulse to shock the gangsters, the voltage of the electric pulse power supply is over 50 KV. unlash the shocking button, the electric shock will be stopped immediately.