Sell Veilguard System

Veilguard System
## Product Features

* Wireless digital doorlock opening and closing the door by using remote controller and telephone
* It alarms siren and automatically makes a phone call in designated telephone number once the intruder breaks in home.

* Controlled bt the remote controller

- Anyone both of all ages and both sexes can easily open the door at any time.

VeilLock functions

- As it's the non-exposure type, it can't be seen from outside so that it prevents the intruder to get inside.
- Controlling the door with cellur phone or telephone with the verification of the door status.

TEL CAT functions

- The VeilLock promptly reports the situation in designated five numbers in case that the door is opened by unauthorized person or intruder.
- It precisely reports the situation by classifying the situations in intrusion, fire, and SOS with the recorded voice.
- It alarms the signal as well as reports the emergency with telephone.