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Our veneer is made out of more than 40 species of expensive nature wood. It is produced after logs treatment of degreasing and steaming. We have three kinds of veneers such as ordinary veneer, paper backed veneer and non-woven fabric backed veneer. The use of these kinds of veneers is suitable for the application of furniture production, house decoration and decorative wooden panels production etc.
The ordinary veneer is laminated with expensive log. The veneer is flat cut, might be plain and quarterly. Veneer is dry in Kiln. The ordinary veneer is easy to be edge jointed and overlaid on plywood, blockboard, MDF and particleboard. So, it can be used in fancy plywood, fancy MDF, fancy blockboard and veneer faced particleboard as well as parquet veneer faced panels.

Ordinary veneer
Fixed width veneer
Width: 600mm
Length: 2000mm-200mm or more
Thickness: 0.2mm, 0.3mm, 0.4mm, 0.45mm and 0.6mm.
Natural width veneer
Grading by width:
Width >100mm: any width existing
Width <100mm: 30mm and 50mm
Thickness: same with above mentioned

Paper backed veneer
Normal Size: 600mm* 2000mm or more
Thickness: same with above mentioned

This product is widely used in internal decoration. The paper-backed veneer could be bonded directly on the wall and plywood, wooden board as well as other baseboard such as MDF and particleboard already installed.

Non-woven fabric backed veneer
Normal Size: 600mm* 2000mm or more
Thickness: same with above mentioned

Non-woven fabric backed veneer is produced with nature veneer bonded with non-woven fabric. The width of veneer used is natural without any edge jointed. The characteristic of non-woven veneer is soft, toughness and solid. It can be warped as you like, and can be used in corner and bendy place of walls and furniture. So, non-woven fabric veneer is often used in internal decoration and furniture making.