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T35-11/BT35-11/ FT35-11/FBT35-11 type shaft fan

T35-11: shaft fan.
BT35-11: explosion-proof shaft fan.
FT35-11: corrosion-proof shaft fan.
FBT35-11: explosionproof corrosion-proof shaft fan.

1. can be used in Zone 1 and Zone 2 dangerous places.
2. can be used in IIA, IIB group explosive atmosphere.

Model implication
F: Corrosion-proof
B Explosion-proof
T Shaft fan
35 Design No.
11 Fan No.

1. is made of explosion-proof moter, leaves, cylinder and so on.
2. low hoise, low-energy consumption secure explosion-proof protection.
3. main-role rotary(or motor power or wind) can be matched according to the demand of user.
4. suitable for steel cable wiring.