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Description: Essentially vermiculite is one member of the micaceous hydrated silicate minerals, resembling mica in appearance. When heated to a temperature of about 850 -950 0C , as water flashing into steam, raw vermiculite instantly expands (exfoliates) up to 15-20 times, maximum 30 times its original bulk volume, and during expansion its color change from gold brown into silver white. It has the characteristics of fireproof, heat insulating, sound and moisture absorbing, non-toxic, lightweight and disease free and so on.

Vermiculite Products: Diveded into Gold Brown and Sliver White Vermiculite according to colors; According to the different processing, it can be divided into Raw Vermiculite(Vermiculite Concentrate) , Vermiculite Flakes, Expanded Vermiculite, Vermiculite Powder and Horticultural Vermiculite.

Special Characteristics of Vermiculite Products: Light Weight, thermal stability and inertness, disease free and non toxic, non abrasive, highly (water, nutrients, air and so on) absorption, insulates and minimizes soil temperature fluctuation, won't deteriorate in storage and so on.
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