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MPEG-4 Viewer
MP3 Player
10in1 Card reader
Photo Bank/Viewer
Digital Frame
USB HDD storage
2.5" LCD Panel
Haitron's VSV-18A has incorporated an enhanced SAP (second audio program) technology, to allow you to listen to multi-language encoded videos from both earphones. This allows you to enjoy specially encoded foreign movies or music videos through both earphones, without the annoyance of the traditional one-earphone sound.

The VSV-18A is one of the most versatile personal data storage and entertainment center offered. The VSV-18A also offers a versatile built-in 10-in-1 card reader, with a file management software that allows you to transfer files between flash cards and HDD. The built-in ultra high resolution 2" LCD screen displays pictures and videos that are crisp and clear. The VSV-18A also combines the popular features like a modular MP4 video player, MP3 music player and recorder, digital photo wallet, and data storage in a compact device that fits in the palm of your hand.

10-in-1 Card Reader. The VSV-18A's three multi-functional adapter slots allows you to read 10 different types of Flash memory cards (CF I & II, SM, MD, MS/MS PRO/MS DUO, SD, MMC, &D Cards) without any additional adapters. You can enjoy the convenience of saving your cherished digital camera pictures without having to purchase additional memory cards or carrying your bulky and expensive laptop. Or, saving data from your PDA, regardless of which memory card it uses. Your extra flash cards can also be plugged in as extra storage on top of the VSV-18A's large 20GB capacity.

Ultra-high 2" LTPS LCD resolution. The ultra-high resolution (558 x 234 pixels, one of the highest in the industry) from the 2" LCD screen is so crisp and clear; you can see the subtitles or close captioning on your favorite videos. Compare with other models and see the difference. You can also connect your VSV-18A to a TV and view videos and photos at full screen size.

MP4 video. The VSV-18A allows you to enjoy about 40 hours of near-DVD quality MP4 video with MP3 sound.

MP3 music Jukebox. Complete MP3 functionality is included: record directly into MP3 from any audio source (stereo-set, computer etc. ) . Listen to your MP3 tracks from the VSV-18A connected to your stereo set. You never need be without your favorite music as your entire CD collection fits in the palm of your hand (about 5000 songs) , Photo wallet and viewer. The Jukebox can store tens of thousands of photos for easy viewing by your family, friends, customers or colleagues.

20GB USB 2.0 hard disk. The VSV-18A is based on a 1.8" 20GB hard disk. The USB 2.0 auto-connection ensures extra fast data transfer.

Choice of colored cases. Choose from three different colors (white, silver, and metallic gray) for the front and back cover, and two different colors (yellow or burgundy) for the body.

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