Sell Vertical Insulating Glass Production Line  LB2510P(LB2210P)

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Main Performance Features:
1) Thorough PLC control system, touching operation screen
2) Automatically identifying film layer of coated-film glass and Low-E glass
3) Adapt imported vacuum deviser and absorbing disc.
4) Able to produce over-long glass, large and small piece of glass and 3-layer insulated glass
5) Turning table adapts hydraulic system to make is more safe and reliable
Main Technical Parameters:
1) Max. glass dimensions: 2500*3000mm:2500*3500mm(over-long)
2) Min. glass dimensions: 200*450mm
3) Thickness of glass washed: 3-15mm
4) Thickness of insulated glass: <=48mm
5) Speed of washing glass: 0-8m/min
6) Max. working speed: 45m/min
7) Power: 3P 380V/1P+N 220V 50Hz 32.35KW
8) Compressed air flow volume: 0.8m3/min
9) Pressure: 1Mpa
10) Water electrical conductivity: <=505S/cm