Sell Vertical Turning Lathe NILES  DKZ 4000

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VTL DKZ 4000, YOM - 1962.
The machine is in excellent condition.
The machine was exploited a little.
The machine is fully complete.
Price - 180 000 Euro FCA Russia.
Technical Data of Niles DKZ 4000:
Faceplate diameter: 3500mm;
Max. workpiece diameter(without side head) : 4000mm;
Max. workpiece diameter(with side head) : 3750mm;
Max. workpiece height: 2000mm;
Max. faceplate load: 25000kg;
Max. turning angle of the vertical head: 30 degrees;
Max. vertical travel of the side head: 1700mm;
Max. horizontal travel of the side head: 1000mm;
Number of speeds: 16;
Faceplate speeds range: 0,7-28 rpm;
Feeds range: 0,056-10 mm/rev;
Heads fast travel speed: 1800mm/min;
Crossbeam fast travel speed: 500mm/min;
Total power requirement: 63kW;
Overall dimensions (LxWxH) : 13600x9800x6750mm;
Weight of the machine: 85000kg;
More pictures and other details will be available after your request.
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DKZ 4000
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