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We are manufacturers and exporters of wide range of veterinary instruments i. e.
Castrating Instruments: Band Castrator, Stretching Forceps, Castrating Forceps, Castrating Knives, Emasculators. Cattle Marking Instruments: Ear Notchers, Tag Applicators, Tattoo Hammers, Tattoo Pliers. Dosage Instruments: Balling Guns (with spring) , Pistol Balling Gun, Ruminal Magnet Balling Gun, Stomach Pump, 3-Rings Balling Guns. Ear Syringes: Ear Syringe, Luer Lock. Hoof and Claw Instruments: Hoof Knives (Wooden Handles) , Hoof Knives (Ebony Handles) , Hoof Knives Set with Case, Hoof Cutters, Hoof Rasps, Hoof Testing Forceps, Hoof Shears. OB (Obstetric) Instruments:
Eye Hook, Handle for OB Saw Wire, OB Base and Double Tube Embryotome, OB Chain, OB Forceps for Pig, OB Handle for Chain, OB Hooks, Meat Hanging Hooks, Pig Puller. Preparation Instruments:
Combs, Sheep Clippers & Sheep Shears, Nail Cutters, Nail Scissors, Cuticle Scissors. Restraining Equipments: Anti-Kick Bars, Bull Leads, Cattle Twitch, Mouth Gags, Nose Rings, Pig Staples & Applicators, Shepherd's Crooks, Wire Nose Pig Holders, Hog Catcher, Snare Loop. Vaginal Speculums: Cusco, Collin and Grave's Speculums, Polanski Vaginal Speculum for Large Animals, Sims Speculums, Speculum for She-Lamb, Stomach Tube Speculums, Vienna Speculum.
Miscellaneous Instruments: Anti-Suckers & Pliers for Anti-Suckers, Bird's Ring Cutter, Blood Taking Needle, Calf Puller, Catheter, Cattle Weiner, Clipping Sheer, Compression Rubber Tube, Ear Clamps, Fixation Frame with Hooks for Stomach Operation, Horse Instruments, Microscopic Needles, Milking Tube, Retractors, Tail Cutter, Teat Instruments, Tooth Rasp, Trocars, Tube Dehorners
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