Sell Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner RSD-RP6D VET

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1. Portable and lightweight;
2. Vet software;
3.10.4 inch high resolution monitor, double probe connectors;
4.192 of cine loop, great capacity of picture storage and display;
5. Advanced Technology of DSC and SMT with clearer picture;
6. B, B+B, B+M, M display modes and the 256 gray scales screen;
7. Four steps zooming: x1.0, x1.2, x1.5, x2.0;
8. . Ideal for mixed practice, both for bedside use and emergency diagnosis on the spot or under rescue conditions. It is distinguishable by its sharp image quality and a cost-effective solution for home doctor, clinics and hospitals;
9. Wide application for the diagnosis of the organs such as liver, gall-bladder, kidney, spleen, pancreas, heart, thyroid gland, breast, uterus, bladder and ovary, etc. It has been widely used in examining abdomen, obstetrics, urology, cardiology, gynecology, small parts, etc in hospital at all level. Six methods (GS, CRL, BPD, HC, AC, FL) available for the observation and measurement of fetus age and weight, etc;
10. English operation interface

Scanning mode: wide frequency electronic Convex/ Linear
Display Modes:B, B+B, B+M, M
Resolution:Lateral=2, Longitudinal=1
Scanning Depth: 220 mm
Gray Scales: 256 levels
Cine Loop: 192 Frames
Depth scope: 0 to 250 mm
Monitor: SVGA 10.4 inch
Image Magnification: 1.0, 1.2, 1.5, 2.0
Image Conversion: up/down, left/right, black/white
Dynamic range: positive/negative reverse
Zoom: 2 Times both in real time and frozen
Frame Correlation: Adjust in B, B+B mode
Electronic Focuses: 4 sector dynamic
Window curve control: Near-field gain control
Background color control: Far-field gain control
Body Marks: 5
Gamma correction: Gain control
Display:Time, Date, Patient's ID, Name, Hospital Name, Probe
Frequency, Frame Rate and Suggestions of other information
Obstetric calculation: BPD, FL, CRL, GS, HC, AD AC, and
display fetus age, fetus weight, expected birth date, e. t. c
Measurement: Distance, Circumference, area, heart rate, EDD
Video Output: PAL-D
Power requirement: 220V/50Hz, 110V/60Hz
Size: 325mmX300mmX243mm
Packing Volume: 410mmX375mmX350mm
Net Weight: 9.5Kg
Gross Weight: 12.5Kg

Main unit
3.5MHz electronic convex probe
6.5MHz electronic transvaginal probe
7.5MHz high freq linear array probe
6.5MHz micro convex probe
Video or laser printer
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