Sell Veterinary Ventilator  AJ-V100

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AJ-V100 Veterinary Ventilator

AJ-V100 Veterinary Ventilator that is device according to the principle of open jet ventilator can ventilate with not only high frequency and low volume of humidifying but also regular frequency and great volume.

a. When the ventilation technique with open high frequency and low humidify volume is adopted, the airway pressure is low with little effect on blood stream returning to its heart and the effect of oxygen compound is good and the oxygen partial pressure can be increased rapidly. While the one with regular frequency and great humidify volume is adopted, CO2 can be ejected easily.
b. Convenient connecting, it can be connected through the nasal and endotracheal tube.
c. The ventilation mode with high frequency and low humidify volume will not easily produce pressure hurt.
d. The effect of oxygen dispersion is so good that the tested beastie can stand for a long time.
e. Adjustable oxygen concentration, the ventilation mode with continuous oxygen stream and good humidifying effect can ensure beastie to respire independently.
f. Be fit for manual ventilation test for monkey, rabbit, dog etc.
g. Configured with multiform ventilation con-duit for beasties or connected with gas source in addition.

 Working voltage: A/C 220V (180-240V available) , 50HZ
 Input power: 18VA
 Frequency:8~150 breaths/min
 I/E ratio:1:1~1:3 and inverse ratio
 Driving Pressure:0~0.16MPa
 Gas source: High-pressure oxygen source or air compressor. the input pressure is not more than 0.16MPa
 High-pressure gas source: 0.16MPa
 Output Limit of reductor: not less than 0.16 Mpa
 Ventilation Mode: HFJV (High Frequency Jet Ventilation) , CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) , Manual Control Mode.
 Volume: 276*202*90mm Weight: 1.7Kg