Sell Vga to AV/S-Video Converter, PC TO TV, AV TO VGA

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The converter is a handed-size universal vga to tv, hdtv, plasma tv converter box. It supports resolution up to 1024 x 768. Compact size, power from usb/ps2 port, easy for carry. It is best for pc game, pc dvd, internet viewing on tv, entertainment, education and presentation.

Supports composite video, s-video, rgb(optional) output.
Power from ps/2 or usb port.
On screen display (osd) operation status, zoom, size.
Independent horizontal size and vertical size adjustment, programmable 2d scaling.
Pure hardware design, just plug & display. No software driver requirement, compatible with any operation system.
Switch able ntsc, ntsc-eiaj (for japan) , pal, pal-m, pal-n, pal-combination-n and secam (via rgb out) video system.
Rgb (option cable needed) output supports the interlace format.
Supports position control, zoom & menu button.
Menu button supports hsize, vsize, brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, sharpness and osd background color adjustment.
Simultaneous display on vga monitor and tv.
Compact form factor: 95mm(l) x55mm(w) x30mm(h)
24 bit, true color digitizer.

Entertainment - play vcd & dvd movies on tv. Experience pc games on tv.
Presentations - ideal for both classrooms and conference rooms.
Documentation - capture pc images on videotape.
Training - easy software training via video tape