Sell Vibrating Conveyors and Sieves

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Muzer vibrating conveyors and sieves are designed according to product type , density, flow capacity and processing requirements. The vibrating conveyors and sieves have counter weight system that minimizes power consumption and vibrational stress. Sieves are designed for separating dust, scrap and foreign materials from the main stream of product.


 Strong mechanical structure
 St-37 welded main frame
 Stainless steel tray
 3M long life spring or rosta swinging arms
 Wire mesh and perforated metal for sieving
 Removable screen for sieves
 Leveled sieving
 Uniform sieving and conveying
 Guard for rotating parts
 Optional top cover
 Optional side cover
 Noiseless operation
 Neutral frequency operation
 Designed according to FDA norms
 Compatible with CE machinery safety directive 98/37/EC
 Quick installation an low maintenance

Configuration options

Vibratory conveyors and sieves can be manufactured with 15: inclination upon request. Mesh size is determined according to customer requirements.

Width : from 450 mm, to 1200 mm
Legth : from 2000 mm, to 9000 mm
Speed : 24-35 m/min due to product type
Capacity : from 500 kg/h, to 6000 kg/h
Available Colors
Yellow and inox
Condition of Goods
Power Requirements
110 or 240 volts, 50/60 hz
Terms of Sale
Ex-works &26#304;zmir
Warranty Coverage
1 year