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VSK Series fine grain graphite has an exceptionally homogeneous structure, almost isotropic properties and low ash content. It can be manufactured in large sizes. Further processing, for example impregnation is possible. VSK Series graphite can be widely applied in metallurgical, machinery, electronics, chemical, and so on.

Typical specifications (mm) :
332W150W2200, 350W175W2100, 500W200W1800, 500W200W2500, 550W250W1800, 550W250W2500, 400W400W1800, 600W200W1830, 508W508W1900, 540W300W2600, 300W850W1900, 900W900W1800, 630-1420W600, and also we can produce as per your requirements for the sizes.

7We can make especially according to your requirements in sizes and specifications.
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