Sell Vibration Headphone

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- Ergonomics design feeling sound through vibration
The ordinary headset transmits sound to the eardrum through air conduction
but the vibration headset delivers sound to the auditory nerves directly through bone conduction.

- Comfortable using for a long time
It does not give any damage to your ears even if you use the vibration headset for a long time.
Because it is not connected with the eardrum directly and you just feel the vibration of sound.
Ergonomics design makes you comfortable to wear, easy to carry with compact size.

- Outstanding safty with 4 ears effect
You can catch external sound and react fast because it does not cover your ears. So, it is absolutely safe.
In addition, it has durable structure. You may carry and use comfortably in outdoor activities.

- Live sound, finest tone quality
Dynamic tone quality and timbre bring live sound to you and block any noises. Also, you feel convenient and useful
when you study languages or chat online.

- Multi sound player which has various function
It is possible to connect with any sound equipment or mobile phone as well as FM radio function.

- Inline skating, cycling, climbing and fishing
- Anyone who use headset for long hours
- Telemarketers, body-guards, pilots and safety guards
- Elderly and anyone who have hearing problem