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Adash 4900 Vibrio III - more then vibration meter

Simple control by three buttons

Color display

Spectrum FFT analysis

Measurement of time signals

Automatic detection of revolutions

Automatic determination of a total
machine status

Wideband measurements RMS or PEAK acceleration values (g) and vibration velocities (mm/s)

Range measurements for bearing diagnostics

Concurrent display of two measured values
High quality piezoelectric sensor with 100mV/g sensitivity

Bulit-in LED stroboscope

Possibility of connecting headphones to listen to vibrations

Check, whether your machines work under optimum conditions

determine condition of your bearings, including slow-running ones

find insufficiently lubricated bearings
determine unbalance, looseness, misalignment, operating in resonance of your machines.

Complete with quality accelerometer, coiled cable to connect vibration sensor, headphones magnetic base for vibration sensor, transit case, headphones, measuring tip for putting manual pressure on vibration sensor, and 1.5V alkaline batteries.
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4900 Vibrio II
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