Sell Vibratory separator and Hot air centrifugal dryer

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Hot air centrifugal dryer is used to ensure the parts stain-free and corrosion free dried, following wet mass finishing processing, which is very important for the parts to be painted or plated as a final operation, most suitable for processing small parts.

▲ . Drying by hot air and vacuum.

▲ . Inner centrifugal basket made of sainless steel with holes, water removed from the surfaces of the parts by centrifugal force which increses working efficience.

▲ . Heated air shortens the drying time and evaporates the moisture and protects parts from rust and corrosion.

▲ . Inverter variable speed control for more process options.

▲ . Protcet device shuts off power automatically when processing finished or the cover opened

Drum Size:380x280mm
Drum Capacity:0.035M3
Drum Loading:35kg or 1/3 high of drum
Drum Speed:552r/m
Motor Power:0.75KW
Calorifier Power:1.8KW
Temperature :50-80 :C
Dimension :780x 600x 750mm

Drum Size:480x280mm
Drum Capacity:0.075M3
Drum Loading:70kg or 1/3 high of drum
Drum Speed:300r/m
Motor Power:1.5KW
Calorifier Power:3.0KW
Temperature :50-80:C
Dimension :1000x 800x 860mm

Product Feature
vibratory separator is used to separating parts from media or classifing undersized media outside mass finishing machines.

It can be connected to the discharger door of a vibratory finishing machines or other mass finishing machines for automatically separating purpose.

After attached rinsing water faucet, it can be also used as washing machine.


Driven by horizontal motors

Quick release fastening system permits fast screen change.

Replaceable screen can be made of stainless steel which is durable and rustproof or coated with PU to eliminate abrasion.

Available Model Capacity
Model: ZC25 :
Dimension: 1320 x 622 x 800mm
Sieve size: 780 x 500 mm
Weight: :90kg
Motor :125W x 2
Model: ZC50 :
Dimension: 1650 x 800 x 800mm
Sieve size :1180 x 500mm
Power :250W x 2