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vibratory stress relief equipment is used to relieve & redistribute residual stress within metal work piece

Function: Improve fatigue life, make sure dimension stability, avoid cracking & distortion

Application: casting, forging, weldments, mould, machining parts which made from carbon structure steel, low alloy steel, stainless steel, cast iron and nonferrous metal

1. Fully replace thermal furnace that aims to relieve residual stress, save cost up to 90%, save energy up to 95%. No pollution

2. Get the patent for imposing vibration on work piece through frequency spectrum analysis. Mode wide covering application

3. Automaticlly operation. No special requirement for the position of vibrator, sensor and support point. It is not restricted to the operator's experience

4. Low noise. Processing is all under 6000RPM

5. Consume 1 kilowatt*hour of electricity to finish the treatment

6. Better treatment effect, Multi-dimensional stress relief
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