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Gear No:12 Pressure Angle:300 Radium Section:16/32 Section Round Dia:19.05
Round Dia:20.663
1, Max enter pressure : 16MPa
2, Max Instant back pressure: 6.3MPa
3, Oil Temperature: -200~+800
4, Motivity Turning Moment Force: <5Nm
5, Commend Filtrate Oil Precision: <30um
This pump is develope to meet the ever increasing demands for machine-tool industry application by our company. Total 4 series and 19 sizes are available, displacement range from 18 to 193ml/rev, maximum operating pressure 17.5MPaand speed rtom 600-2200rpm; intra-vane design enables the pump having high pressure, large capacity, compact size, low sound level and longer service life features; its main technical data have reached to the advanced level of the same product in the world.
This series pump adopts replaceable pumping cartridge containing all parts that wear none contact the body. Field service can be accomplished without removing the pump from its mounting, eliminating the need for factory repaining which reduces expensive downtime; with hydraulic balance, bearing loads resulting from pressure are eliminated and the only radial loads are those imposed by the drive itself. Longer life and minimum maintenance are direct results; wear compensation is inherent in the design. Intra-vane design which enables that continuously applied outlet pressure between vane and intra-vane reduces tip loading to the extent desired on a particular pump. Outward balanced thrust of vane inlet port area is equal to outlet pressure times projected of end of intra-vane. To resist the cantilever loads of any practical outlet pressure, vane thickness can be increased without increasing load between vane and cam ring. The dual vane arrangement assures solid tracking of the cam ring throughoutthe pumping cycle. This means less leakage across vane tips which enhances volumetric effciency, low noise and less cam ring wear.
Installation meet ISO/SAE standards; with complete specifications, reliable performance, reasonable construction and convenient installation and easy maintenance, it is widely used in hydraulic systems for machine-tools, presses, die casting machines, engineering, plastic injection moulding and other machineries