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VTM-2010 video toolmaker microscope is a photoelectric measuring system of high precision and efficiency. It is widely used in different kinds of precision finishing industries, such as electronic part , precision mould, precision. tool, spring. plastic, rubber, oil seal value, camera part, pedal cycle part and PCB processing. It is mainly applied in 2D measurement, sometimes in 3D as well . With eyepiece gauge , it can also measure by comparing. It can measure the pitch and external diameter of the thread . It is used for the metric room, laboratory or workshop of various sectors concerning to machinery, electronics , gauging instrument as well as academies , research institutions and measurement-inspecting department.


VTM-2010 video toolmaker microscope can measure many kinds of data. It has many data processing functions such as displaying, magnifying, inputting and outputting. with color CCD camera(with C-mount interface) , the microscope can input and output. The data by connecting with the computer. It is very convenient for the user to measure with standard M2D-AT software.