Sell Video Card - RMCP003V

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nVidia GeForce2 MX chipset
Integrated transform and lighting
High speed 64-bit/128-bit, 32MB/64MB Double Date Rate
Sustains DMA, transform/clip/light, setup, rasterize and render rate
4x/2x AGP with high performance fast write supports 350MHz RAMDAC 4 pixels per clock
480M pixels/sec fill rate - 32 texture samples per clock, full speed 8-tap anisotropic filtering
Eight hardware lights
256-bit rendering engine
High-quality HDTV video playback
High precision HDTV video overlay
AGP 4X with sideband addressing and direct memory execute mode
Five horizontal, three vertical taps video filtering
8:1 up/down scaling
Independent hue, saturation and brightness controls in hardware
Powerful HDTV motion compensation
Full frame rate DVD upto 1080i resolution
WHQL qualified drivers for Windows 2000, NT and 9X
OpenGL ICD for full OpenGL support