Sell Video Colposcope RSD3500

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FEATURES of software:
1. Capacity of freezing and storing static images continuously and a maximum of 99 images available for reviewing simultaneously in scroll;
2. Capacity of cine loop and record continuously for different frequencies dynamic images in sampling;
3. Capacity of comparison of 4 pictures in the screen , multi-orientation and dynamic consultation, copy, freeze and other function;
4. Supply hundreds of pathological reference images;
5. Capacity of image accession and comparison with the current image;
6. Color image report in multi formats and freely input information to make the user template;
7. Built international report and sent through the internet to make the long distance consultation;
8. Tens of image enhanced functions to improve the checking rate of micro-focus ;
9. Easy operating software icon, freezes and stores 99 images;
10.360 degrees omnidirectional bracket can be adjusted up and down with easy operation handle
CCD: 1/4' Super HAD CCD
Pixels: =830,000 pixel
Illumination (min) : =0.01Lux
Lens: Sony 18 times focus
Resolution: =480+ lines
Light source: 30-point ringed LED, lili-white,
super bright, cool, parallel, shadowless,
100, 000 hours longevity
Focus: 10mm ~400mm
Zoom magnification: Optical =54X, Eelectronical =12X
Collection model: Electronic collection
Depth of field: 5-200mm
Focalizing: Auto/Manual, quick
Signal-to-Noise: =52 db
Color filter: Green
Image collection/Cine loop /AGC/ Software package: Y
Output port of the image: S-Video/PAL/NTSC
AWB: Photometry inside AWB
Green Filter: Digital filter based on CCD imaging
Eliminate polarization: Y
Shelf: Wear resistant steel, 85-120cmcm, movable
Handle: 0-360 degree omnidirectional, with water level
Standard Configuration:
Digital Camera System, Bracket, Control handle
Software, footswitch, two light source, Gather card
Optional: trolley, pc or laptop, monitor, printer
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3-5 days
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