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Hyper VideoPhone 2000S

Just hook up the Hyper VideoPhone 2000S to a television and a touch-tone telephone and distance disappears as you videoconference face-to-face with friends or family around the world. With the Hyper VideoPhone 2000S, your conversations will be more intimate and immediate as you see their expressions as they speak.

With built-in auto-answer and security functions, movable camera lens and on-screen text display, the Hyper VideoPhone 2000S is loaded with value-added features but a snap to operate.

Plug it into a television (or computer monitor) and a touch-tone phone for all-in-one video conferencing.
Use the telephone keys to write text messages for On Screen Display.
Auto Answer for security applications
Automatic monitoring: password protected
Adjustable image quality for variable for different transmission rates.
Camera lens pans, tilts and zooms.
With the built-in security functions, you choose whether the caller sees you or not.
High-resolution snapshot capability.
As easy to install as a telephone or television.