Sell Video and Audio Recording USB Pen

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Video and Audio Recording Pen Driver

Style No. NH-PC1008/NH-PC2008

video and audio recording pen features:
High Quality (100% New in Box)
User Friendly (Very Easy to Use)

It can be used :

1. Pen
2. 512M/1GB/2GB /4GB Usb Pen driver .
3. Voice recorder !
4. Pin-hole Camera, video recorder

Video recording pen function operating instructions
1. Shutdown mode, the single-click the key to open the

computer and yellow lights at this time, expressed as standby.

Single-click the button again, this time into the video,

and then blue lights that work for the state.

2: Under the video recording condition to press a key again,

document archive, this time will be different according

to the length of the video and save time are also different.

Archived after the completion of direct access to standby status

(that is, no video or shutdown) , the yellow lights at this time.

3: In standby mode, if necessary to carry out the video, -
click the button switch, but also for video,

this time by the color yellow lights into the blue.

4: In standby mode, yellow lights. Under the open key three seconds,

this time for the shutdown, all the lights off after work, -
and there is no lighting instructions.

5. After the battery uses up the automatic shut -down, -
before the system to shut down the video files automatically saved, -
and then shut down to ensure that document security.

6: the use of USB charging. Charges, -
indicating lamp for yellow light twinkle , -
The instruction this time is charging.

7: The charge finished, the yellow light twinkle stops, -
turn yellow lights -
(at this time the yellow lights have stopped twinkle) -
battery has been full of instructions at this time!

8: memory can do 64MB to 4 GB

9: megapixel camera for the 30 W ~ 200W pixels!

10. In sets at the high-capacity lithium battery, can work for two hours.

11. Video recording document return to original state,
in front of a computer connection has been installed-
to- ensure that the relevant player software -
(CD-proposed Storm) . Click on a removable drive, -
Selects the document double click then to return to original state on the-
computer the video recording document
1. In world least micro-DVR, hidden in a pen inside! -
A video recorded voice of the micro-DVR, -
is the world's first pen-based video recorded voice with the micro-DVR

2. High sensitivity of the microphone, -
in the 15 square meters within the clear voice can be recorded, -
high-definition camera effects, -
for the public security departments, -
such as court evidence to provide an effective guarantee.

3. Exquisite appearance, smooth ball-point pen to -
write capabilities that-
can replace the standard cartridge, -
durable environmental protection.
4. Apply to any computer with USB interface and -
other electronic equipment.
5. no drive, no external power supply.
6. Support WINDOWS98/98SE/ME/2000/XP/MAS OS / LINUX -
operating systems and -
automatic identification, install the driver, -
no need manually install (WINDOWS98 exception) .
7. video format for the CIF 352 * 288 of the AVI format
8. video format for the CIF 640*480 of the AVI format
optional : 9. Read and write data faster: 900 K/700K bytes / sec -
(with the speed of the host
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