Sell Video to VGA Converter

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The Provideo Converter Box is a Video to VGA converter for Playing High Resolution Video Picture game. Provides high quality picture & give sharp, stable image output to VGA. VGA o/p can be up to 1024X768( 60Hz & 75Hz ) resolution. Input Video System (NTSC/PAL/SECAM) 50-to-60 Hz frame rate detection and Output to 60Hz & 75Hz to CRT/LCD monitor. Without turning on your computer, the system set up is very easy and there is no additional requirement for hardware or software. You don't need to learn a complicated set up procedure and just enjoy your product with simple plug and play and instantly switch the source between PC, CVBS and S-Video with a single button.
Plug it, you will extend the functions of your computer, enjoy the Game devices (Sony play station 2, Microsoft X Box, Nintendo Game Cube), DVD programming freely and easily.