Sell Video up-gastroinestinal

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Product Item# : GE-100
Full screen image with high definition and wide field of view.
High resolution CCD with 440,000 pixels.
Excellent cost performance.
Good assistant.
Angle of View 1200
Direction of observation Straightly
Depth of Field 4-100mm
Outer Diameter of Insertion Tube #9.8mm
Range of Tip bending Up 1800 down 900 left/right 1000
Inner diameter of Biopsy channel #2.8mm
Working length 1050mm
Total length 1300mm
Excellent waterproof performance
The whole instrument can completely immerged into medical liquid in order to be disinfect out and out.
Multiple image freeze
Feature the capability of freezing and storing images. As a result, make the diagnose convenient and shorten the examination time.