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For home, small business and government requirements, the 15' (13.8' viewable) Optiquest V55 satisfies the demand for dependable performance, excellent image quality and affordability. It is the ideal choice for business applications ranging from word
processing, spreadsheets and light graphics to games and surfing the Internet on a PC or Mac .
With its fine 0.28mm dot pitch, the Optiquest V55 produces clear, crisp images and great definition, even at its maximum resolution of 1,280 x 1,024. A fast refresh rate of 87Hz at 1,024 x 768 resolution ensures flicker-free images. In addition, an anti-static, anti-glare screen treatment reduces reflection while maintaining high display quality and vivid color intensity.
Advanced features include the OnView controls for adjusting images via an on-screen menu with easy-to-use push button controls, as well
as the ViewMatch color controls which provide for optimal screen to-print color matching. With these features a well-proportioned image fills the screen. And the monitor is TCO and NUTEK certified, meeting the worlds strictest standards for heat reduction, low radiation and efficient power management.


+ 15' (13.8' viewable) flat square screen with OnView

+ 0.28mm dot pitch


PC: IBM XT, AT, 386, 486, Pentium, PS/2 and
PC compatibles (from VGA up to 1,280 x 1,024)
Mac, Power Mac

User Controls:


Power on/off, enter, plus, minus

Brightness, contrast, H/V-position, H/V-size,
trapezoid, parallelogram, pincushion,
pin-balance, moiri, rotation, degauss, color
control, language, OSD control, recall


Physical: 366mm (W) x 400mm (H) x 388mm (D)
(14.4' x 15.3' x 15.7')

Net Weight: 13.0Kg (28.6 lbs. )
Brand Name
Available Colors
Condition of Goods
Model Number
Optiquest V55
Minimum Order Quantity
28.6 pounds