Sell Visual Fault Locator POV-510

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POV-510 is a visual fault locator with high performance. It is a perfect tool for finding breaks and tight bends in fiber accurately. The red light of the POV-510 can escape from the location that there is a seriously bending, or break point, or a bad splicing point. As a result, POV-510 can find breaks in LANs, verify continuity, check the validity of patch cables or look for cracked fiber in splice cases, bad connectors, tight bends in fiber cables.
POV-510 has a high output power, which allows it to test
fibers over 10km. It is a perfect partner for OTDR, for it can find events in the dead zone of OTDR. POV-510 series has a small size and light weight. With three ways of power supply, It can work for long time and its rugged design make it resist harsh conditions in the field testing.

10km above high dynamic testing
POV-510 visual fault locator is a high-performance, high-stability, high-outputpower red light source, and that allows it testing much more longer fibers more accurately and simpler. It can satisfy all kinds of testing,

3 ways of power supply, and reasonable power management, make itPerpetual Motion machine Power supply plays a very key roll for Instruments that are often used in field testing. Long time battery operation and multi-kinds of power supply is very important. POV-510 high-performed visual fault locator provides Internal rechargeable lithium batteries, AA batteries and AC adapter. Also we set priorities to the 3 ways of supplies. So we can call the POV-510 seriesPerpetual Motion machine.