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VITA-GROW is a foliar fertilizer with complete and balanced nutrients needed by plants to grow. It also contains Plant Growth Regulators (PGR) that ables to generate and enhance plant growth and increase its production.

This fertilizer, which is the result of tests and researches carried out at Putra University of Malaysia has proven that VitaGrow is able to increase plant production and its high quality. The tests and researches carried out have been approved and recognized by various government agencies.

Vita-GrowTM is specially formulated to complete the necessary and balanced nutrients needed by plants in the tropical region. VitaGrow is the perfect foliar fertilier for food crops or any other plants such as paddy, oil palm, fruits and vegetables, fields, decorative plants and even grains.

Vita-GrowTM proves that it generates and enhances flowering and better fruit preparation for any plants which are producing leaves excessively as a result of too little or too much application of nitrogen. With VitaGrow, the chances of flowers and shoots dying off can be avoided and a better production of flowers and fruits can be guaranteed.

Scientific research has shown that, when plants enter its reproduction stage, nutrient absorption through the roots are limited. At this stage, spraying with VitaGrow will increase the plants produce by up to 65%. This is caused by VitaGrow reacting by enhancing the journey of the complete nutrients from source to sink