Sell Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine Hydrochloride)

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CAS NO. :8059-24-3

Molecular Formula :C8H11NO3. HCl

Molecular Weight :205.64

Structural formula :This product is 6-methyl-5-hydroxy-3,4-pyridine-bis(methanol) -hydrochloride. Counted as desiccated material, it contains over 99.0% of C8H11NO3. HCl. Properties This product is white or white-like crystal or crystal powder, which is inodorous, and tastes sour and bitter; it gradually deteriorates when exposed the sunlight. This product is readily soluble in water and slightly soluble in ethanol, and non-soluble in chloroform and aether.

Smelting Point :The smelting point of this product is 205-209, and it decomposes when smelting.

Identification :
(1) Take about 10mg of this product and add 100 ml of water to solve it. Put 1 ml of the solution into the test tube A and B with 2 ml 20% sodium acetate solution respectively, and put 1 ml water and 4% boric acid solution into test tubes A and test tube B respectively; evenly mix the solution and quickly add 1 ml chloro-imido-2,6-dichloro-chinone. The test tube A will appear blue and become red after a few minutes, and the blue color will not appear in test tube B.

(2) Add this product into hydrochloric acid solution (9-1000) to make 105g /ml solution and assay it with spectrophotometer. There will be maximal absorption at the 291 nm wavelength with the absorptivity of about 0.43.

(3) The absorbing atlas of infrared ray of this product conforms to the controlling atlas.

(4) he identifying reaction for chloride in the water solution of this product.
Storage Hermetically sealed and stored in dark place.
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Asian Winner
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