Sell Vitamin B6 Dipalmitate /Pyridoxine Dipalmitate

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English name: Vitamin B6 Dipalmitate
INCI name: Pyridoxine Dipalmitate
CAS No. : 635-38-1
Property: White or similar white crystal or crystalline powder; odorless. It can easly dissolve in oil, slightly dissolve in ethanol by hot and cannot dissolve in water. This product has a better dissolve ability with skin and a more stability.
Quality index:
Melting point: 87-91 0
water content: <=0.3%
Dry loss: <=0.3%.
Heavy metal: <=0.002%
Content:>= 99%.
Suggested concentration: 0. 5%~2.0%.
Usage: Used as cosmetic founction additive, mainly preventing and curing sundry skin roughness, acne, sunburn and also fit for seborrheic trichomadesis, skin inflammation, general acne and seborrheic eczema. It also can be used into cream, emulsion and nutrient shampoo. Generally co-working with other vitamin.
Package and storage: 1kg/bag, aluminium bag, lining plastic bag, 25kg/bucket, pharmaceutics cardboard. Kept in sealed container