Sell Vitamin C Revitalizing Serum

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Products efficiency
Adopt the advanced third generation of L-vitamin C technology, protect vitamin activation C for a long time, and can be often used with gentle prescription. A small drop, nearly equivalent to 88 lemons vitamin C, can deepen into the skin inner, bring rapidly the effect to anti-oxidant , reduce , tighten, function smoothed. After using obviously increase the bright degree of skin , improves the obscure complexion , makes the complexion softer, reduce the chance to bring the melanin; In addition, can dispel the formation of the petty crinkle , and accelerate the regeneration of the collagen , make the skin have perfect gloss and elasticity.

Operation method
After Cleaning the face in the morning and evening of every day, regarding the skin, fetch right amount marine collagen essence to the palm, and drop 1~2 Vitamin C Revitalizing Serum to mix, then daub to the face and shank; it is normal to have gentle temperature. Allergy man are forbidden.

Any skin.

1. Advising to use on the morning can strengthen to the protection to go out. Using at might can have bring better effect of tight & slippery.
2. Clean the face first before using, it is suitable to use before Moisture Gel, Nutrition Frost or Sun-proof Milk.
3. It will have gentle temperature first to use, this is normal sense which vitamin C is permeated into skin and absorbed.
4. It can??t be used with A acid, AHA etc. skin care products at the same time.
5. Please deposit shady, keep out of the sun, needn't be deposited in refrigerator.
6. Please out of children's range.