Sell Vitamin E nicotinate/Tocotheryl Nicotinate

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Product name: Vitamin E nicotinate
CAS NO. : 16676-75-8
EINECS NO. : 51898-34-1
INCI Name: Tocotheryl Nicotinate
Construction formula:

Quality index:
Melting point: 40~470 Acidity: <= 0.5ml
Free VE: <=1.0ml Heavy metal: <= 0.002%
Content: >= 98%
White and yellowish ceraceous oil-soluble crystal. Dissolved in acet, aether, chlorform and benzene very easily, easily in ethanol and almost indissolved in water. Directly act on wall of blood-vessel, relaxing blood-vessel and restrain the formation of cholesterin, as a activator of microcirculation.
Curing the arteriosderosis, palsy, lipid decompensate, hypertension, coronary thombosis and circulation obstacle. Added into cosmetic could advance the rate of blood-circulation in capillary vessel and slow down the skin aging process. It is fit to be added into skin-care toilet cream, sporting liquid, foot pain killer, shaver liquid and shampoo.
Package and storage: 15kg/bucket, pharmaceutic bucket, shielded from light and kept cool.