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MG series offer high-quality Voice/Fax service based on IP protocol, which provide total solution for service operators, enterprises, resident area and home user with VoIP/FoIP service. Under the control of central device(I. e. CA, GK) , MG series performance work such as POTS user access, process voice, convert voice format to suitable format for transmitting over IP network, then finish normal phone user freely access to IP network.

Support SIP, H.248, MGCP and H.323 protocols;
Adopt processor specially-used in communications with good process ability, high quality, high dense port and high integrated
Product series include different POTS interface, such as 4, 8, 16 and 32 ports IAD, POTS interface can be FXS, FXO, 2/4 wire E&M, all the ports can be freely chosen by user;
Adopt advanced VoIP digital signal processing(DSP) technology, support RTP/RTCP based real time encode and decode, jitter buffer process, silence compression, echo cancellation(ITU-T G.168 2000) , packet compensation, voice activation detection(VAD) and comfort noise generation(CNG) ;
T.30 and T.38 fax protocol or fax in transparent mode;
Static IP configuration or getting dynamic IP with DHCP, PPPoE protocol, enhance the flexibility in different networks.
New services are very easy to be provided under the control of soft switch, such as call forwarding, CLI(enable/disable) , call waiting, call transfer, three-way communication and so on.
Inner call within all POTS.
All FXS have CLI, Caller ID detect and DTMF detect and generation;
Powerful capability to transfer NAT, can construct your own VOIP network in a private network.
IEEE802.1p/ IEEE802.1Q VLAN and Ipv4 TOS
User different level management and VLAN function to ensure device safe operation
provide flexible charging strategy, include charging by standard anti-pole signal, charging information sent from network interface port of the device, or sent from serial interface port
can configure and manage the device through CLI, TELNET, WEB, and SNMP.
can download and upgrade the embedded software from FTP, TFTP server