Sell VoIP voice box

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1, With Voice Box 100 you can continue to make and receive regular telephone as usual, and meanwhile you can make and receive Internet call (e. g. Skype) in the same way as regular phone.
2, You can continue to use the telephone connected to the VoiceBox adapter to make and receive standard telephone calls as you used without any change. To make a standard phone call, just pick up the handset and dial as you normally do. To answer a standard phone call you just pick up the handset when the phone rings.
3, When you receive an incoming Skype call, the handset connected to the VoiceBox gateway will ring. If you telephone supports Caller ID, then the Skype speed-dial will be displayed on the telephone screen where the standard caller ID information is displayed. To answer the call, just pick up the handset and speak as you normally do. To end the call, simply hang up the handset as you normally do.