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Change the sound of your voice with our voice change phone, you can sound like a burly lumberjack guy or a little girl.

There are plenty of reason to change your voice. Safety is the main reason. A child, home alone could easily give the impression that a big burly man is hulking behind the front door to ward off strangers. Maybe you'd like to play a hilarious prank on someone you know by calling them on the telephone and using a fake voice. Maybe you're doing your own investigation on a cheating mate. Imagine calling someone you know who might recognize your voice. But you need to get information without them knowing who you are. Just call them and speak in a different voice. They'll never know it's you. Imagine the fun you could have at Halloween or a costume party. You've always wanted to dress-up as Frankenstein's Monster or a menacing robot or even Dracula, but couldn't quite create the menacing voice to match. Now you can with this incredible device. Imagine the fun you could have reading children's books to your kids with the voice change phone. A spooky book will have a whole new thrilling dimension if you read it aloud in a menacing voice.


* Please do not use this device to do anything illegally.
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