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We mainly develop and design various speech IC, act as a agent for ALPHA and EMC. Our products mainly used in: Personal electronics product, small home electronics appliance product, sound effect product, toys gift with sound etc. consumption product.
A. Standard article:
(1) Various single sound and Christmas song card;
(2) Songs sings by animals and animal voice;
(3) The alert voice of vehicle;
(4) Chinese-English gun voice;
(5) Songs sings by Human, Human talking and Baby songs etc. Voice IC Chips, Sound Modules, and COB;
(6) Voice Coin Modules, Digital Scales, Talking Wood PuzzleH, Recording Photo Frames, Talking Bottle Openers and Key Rings.
B. Masking:
(1) 3-42 SEC Single Channel Masked-ROM Speech IC chips;
(2) 5-340 SEC Single Speech + Dual Tone Masked-ROM MCU IC Chips;
(3) 6-340 SEC 8 Channel Speech/MIDI Masked-ROM MCU IC Chips
C. 1-84 SEC Single Channel + Dual Tone MCU OTP-One Time Program (Instant Shipment, Masking Charge not required)
D. 3-960 SEC Recording IC Chips
We are also customized with other brands of Voice IC Chips and Modules
Provide OEM, welcome to contact with us.
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