Sell Voice Over IP Gateway

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Free IDD. Phone Bills $0
( Two-end installation of our GATEWAY System )
Long Distance Call Are FREE of Charge Now
Unilateral installation of voip Gateway is possible (Service charges vary from country to country. Refer to the Table of Rates)

GBC VoIP Gateway System may be used with No Fixed IP, No ROUTER We support DTNS and No GATEKEEPER is required.

Most VoIP system need a fixed IP address to support DTDNS or GATEKEEPER. Otherwise, the VOIP System cannot be used. Because the broadband suppliers may usually change the IP address.
We use the latest technology to find the IP address automatically to save your money.
Fixed IP
A fixed IP addresss monthly charge is more expensive.
It requires DTDNS website support. If the website is
Removed, your Voip systems cannot make any IDD call.
If the Network Supplier stopped their service, your Voip system cannot make any IDD call.
Condition of Goods
Minimum Order Quantity