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The Voice and Fax Logger is equipped with a built in fax decoder which decodes all the intercepted fax and present in the original format in which they were sent. The Voice Fax Monitoring and Logging system can also be used for audio recording (such as, speech, discussions, telephonic conversation, etc. ) received through microphone, telephone, voice modem, radio stations or others sources of recordable sound and stores the data on personal computer in the digital format.

The Voice and Fax Logger is packed with powerful features that you expect from a heavy-duty, high-demand system, such as a user-friendly graphical interface, easy-to-use, call and message play/search functions, and full functionality over LAN.

Product Code: STB/IS/FL

1. ) Available in 4, 8,16 and 32 Channel configurations.
2. ) Automatic Detection of voice and Fax call.
3. ) Takes the input from
- Analog Telephone Lines
- VHF/UHF radios
- Speech from Microphones
4. ) LED indication on the front panel gives the current activity of the system.
5. ) On-line monitoring of the call through audio jacks on the front panel.
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