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When the socket is working overload or over voltage, it will be broken or cause fire, the high voltage will damage the appliance. Although we have over-load protection electrical outlet, the suddenly break will cause data losing or damage the core parts, such as hard disk, bulb of projector etc. or shorten the life time such as kinescope, compressor etc.

Our patented electrical outlet adds monitoring and warning system, when the voltage or current is abnormal, the outlet will sound and mind the user to take action at once. It will avoid data losing, damage to the appliance or fire.

*Offer real time inspetion of the voltage and current.

*Warning in time when over voltage or over corrent happens.

*High quality raw material:
Outer shell: PC+ABS(Heat deflection temperature: 1050)
Cable plastic: 100% new PVC
Cable Conductor: oxygen-free copper
Socket: high flexible phosphor copper
Power: 2500W-10A    MAX 250V~
Warning voltage: 10%+5V/-5V
Warning current: 11A10.5A
Plug with built-in fuse (British plug)
Cable length: 1.8M, section area: 0.75mm2
Flame resistant: comply UL94V0 standard
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Lanwei /OEM
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