Sell Volume & Decoder CATV Converter (RK816)

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This is a professional quality volume-control CATV converter, effectively receives TV signals from 46 to 870 MHz frequency range. It can be used with most stand-alone decoders/descramblers.

1. LED & OSD Messaging.
2. 181 Channel (CATV: Ch1 - 125, TV: Ch1 - 69) .
3. Sleep Timer (1 - 150min)
4. Switch power supply to be adopted, wide applicable voltage range, high efficiency, low heat, safe and reliable.
5. Equipped with RF inpout/ output, audio and video inpout/ output interface.
6. Voice control, mute when no signal.
7. Fine Tuning
8. Power supply
9. Last channel recall.
10. Favorite channel memory.
11. Parental memory and cod change
12. Wireless remote control, all functions can be operated by the remote controller.
13. AC Outlet.
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