Sell Volumetric Piston Plastic Body Water Meter

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Timely Co. supplies ISO4064 ClassC volumetric rotary plastic water meter LXH-15:

1) Completely plastic shell, solid and robust design, long service guaranteed.
2) High quality materials fiberglass reinforced polymerization amine (UL NO. : E154352: SGS Report NO. : CE/2006/34019) , corrosion resistance.
3) Pole ring magnet polymer coating as protection against deposits.
4) Plastic thread connecting fitting.
5) Optimum accuracy and performance at all times, in any position;
6) Revolutionary grooved piston for improved, durability and performance;
7) Durable tamperproof construction;
8) Volumetric meter, on principle of piston rotation, accurate measurement, easy and long term clear reading, etc.
9) Measuring accuracy is up to ISO4064 Class C.